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Members of the Steering Group

  • Amadou Oury Diallo, Senegal, Africa
  • Gina Lilo, Philippines, Asia
  • Madeleine Kaufmann, Switzerland, Europe
  • Santiago Arguello, Mexico, Latin America
  • Stefanie Pondini, Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development / SWITZERLAND, Civil Society organizations
  • Esther Penunia, Asian Farmers’ Association (AFA) / Asia,  Farmer’s organization
  • Monica Yator, Indigenous Women and Girls Initiative (IWGI) / KENYA, Indigenous People’s organizations
  • Lauren Baker, Global Alliance for the Furture of Food, Philanthropic organizations
  • Fergus Sinclair, CIFOR-ICRAF and Agroecology TPP / Research organizations
  • Ronnie Brathwaite, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) / global, UN organizations

Terms of reference for the Steering Group:

The steering group will be composed of one country representative for each region and one representative of each of the other stakeholder groups (farmers’ organizations; Research organizations; indigenous peoples’ organizations; United Nations organizations; Philanthropic organizations; Civil society organizations). 

The Steering group will report to the general assembly of the members of the coalition and will:  

  • Supervise the secretariat staff
  • Approve the annual work plans and budgets for the Secretariat
  • Approve the agendas of meetings of the general assembly of the members of the coalition
  • Propose the creation of working groups
  • Act as a sounding board for the secretariat
  • Approve the annual report of the Coalition prepared by the secretariat

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