Communications Working Group



The Working group serves an advisory role to the Secretariat in performing its function in communicating the holistic/systemic benefits of agroecology, in addressing a range of challenges/crises, in improving people’s understanding of agroecological solutions, and showcasing the growing momentum behind agroecology and in communicating the objectives and achievements of the Coalition.
Specifically, the working group aims to:

1. Provide advise on communications strategies and products

2. Serve as space for peer-to-peer exchange in communicating agroecology, learning from the various experiences members

3. Contribute in amplifying agroecology as a lever for food systems transformation

4. Serve as a venue for sharing communication materials and messages as well as information on key moments and opportunities for communication

5. Facilitate the development of key top-level communications lines on agroecology – in order for coalition members to share common messaging that can reinforce an agreed consistent core message, and be the basis for the Coalition’s communications.


  • Long-term communications strategy for the Coalition.
  • Development of new tools to communicate around agroecology and its pivotal role in the transformation of food systems.
  • Top line messages to talk about agroecology with different stakeholders.


Monica Yator
Indigenous Women and Girls Initiative (IWGI) Kenya
Robbie Blake