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Pierre FerrandFAO
Joshua AijukaPelum Uganda


  1. Create a space to share experiences and knowledge on current respective activities of Group Members, with the final goal of strengthening collaborations and synergies.
  2. Get an overview of what is done where, in order to have the bigger picture about what happens globally on agroecology.
  3. Increase visibility about programmes and projects that are effectively implementing and scaling up agroecology on the ground (including through a quick mapping).
  4. Considering increased demand from countries on how to promote agroecological transitions: connect members of the Coalition to sources of agroecological expertise and other relevant sources of learning on the topic (contextualized research and evidence, mechanisms to work with extension officials).
  5. Support the Advocacy and Public Policies Working Groups of the Coalition through availability of evidence and learnings on “what works” from programme/project implementation to policy recommendations and advocacy work.
  6. Understanding barriers and enablers to scale up agroecology in different contexts and levels.

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