Why Agroecology

Why do you need to support agroecology?  

Here are 10 reasons!

1. Agroecology strives for the transformation of food systems, following HLPE CFS’s 13 principles and FAO’s 10 elements that governments, farmers, researchers and civil society organizations agreed upon.

2. As agroecological food systems are based on diversity, resilience and equity, they can tackle climate, biodiversity and hunger crises together.

    3. Thanks to its cross-cutting principles, agroecological food systems can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

    4. Agroecology provides a pathway to protect nature, conserve the richness of biodiversity and restore degraded land and ecosystems, while producing healthy, diversified nutritious and culturally appropriate food.

    5. Diverse agroecological systems can improve the resilience of family farmers and rural communities and boost local economies and markets.

    6. Agroecology values ancient local practices and knowledge, but it also relies on constant innovations based on specific local conditions, integrating traditional, experimental, and scientific knowledge.

    7. Agroecology can sustainably feed a growing population while conserving nature and strengthening communities.

    8. Agroecology promotes direct contact between producers and consumers, which leads to less intermediaries, more affordable food for consumers and better remuneration for farmers.

    9. Agroecology can enhance the potential of urban agriculture through the design of diversified, productive, and resilient urban farm.

    10. Agroecology promotes social justice and defends rights for farmers, farm workers, Indigenous Peoples, food producers, including women and youth, and aims at strengthening their role at the center of the food system.

    See below two infographics highlighting the benefits of agroecology on climate and gender equality. 


    Banner picture: Pierre Ferrand / FAO