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Daniel MossAgroecology Fund
Rex Raimond TIFS


  1. Tracking, analyzing and influencing (public and private) investments and existing funds for agroecology


  • On-going work on the tracking of investments (follow up of the Berlin workshop): Share and promote methodology once finalized
  • Work by TIFS on the analysis of investments funds for AE (pilot starts in Africa)
  • Regional funds of the Agroecology Fund
  • Influence donors/investors/funding vehicles to integrate agroecological principles into investment decision making
  • Share and promote what already exists (funding vehicles, funding programmes) to coalition members

  1. Support governments in increasing their funding for AE approaches/policies


  • Support peer-to-peer exchange with government officials on how to reallocate/shift resources to implement AE approaches/policies
  • Governments need an AE strategy in place to put their own funding and budgetary allocations: Link to policy working group for peer-to-peer exchanges on how to develop such strategies
  • Support governments in mobilizing and re-directing (e.g. repurposing conventional agricultural subsidies) funds for AE through programmes or connect to existing funds
  1. Promoting the Agroecological Business Case to increase public and private investments


  • Promoting inspiring and promising showcases (e.g. agricultural enterprises or agroecological funding vehicles) -> link to communication/advocacy working group
  • Convince donors/investors about the multidimensional returns of AE (economic, ecological and social benefits of AE) by relevant tools and reports -> Link to research working group and advocacy working group
  • Show to donors and investors what transformative investments are (e.g. work by TIFS)
  • Conduct match-makings between AE enterprises and donors/investors

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