Policies Working Group


1.  Support the implementation of country pathways for evidence-based food system transformation through agroecology.

2. Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among countries on agroecological policies.
Mainstream agroecology in international organizations and other international discussions.

3. Present best practices in agroecology.

4. Contribute to co-learning between science/policy, civil society and private sector.


    • Agroecology Dialogues Series
    • Advocacy to promote agroecology in international arenas through events (e.g.: Bonn Climate Change Conference, UNFSS, Committee for Food Security, UN Climate Change Conference COP 28)
    • Development of a Tracking Tool for the CFS Policy Recommendations on Agroecology, in collaboration with the Research, Innovation and Education Working Group of the Agroecology Coalition
    • Boost NBSAPs through Agroecology: A crucial approach to comprehensively meet KMGBF targets. See the flyer here and find out more here.


    Brathwaite, Ronnie
    FAO HQ
    Martina Fleckenstein
    WWF International

    Banner photo credit: Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC)