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Brathwaite, RonnieFAO
Martina FleckensteinWWF International

Korinna VargaHungary
Sotha SOKCambodian Farmer Association Federation of Agricultural Producers (CFAP)
Molly AndersonIPES-Food
Sara ScherrEcoAgriculture Partners USA
Claudia SCHEPP4 per 1000
Santiago Jose Argüello CamposMexico
Mary IrunguPELUM Kenya
Pamela BouleIreland
Gisele HenriquesVoluntary Services Overseas
John Garcia UlloaBiovision
Richard EwbankChristian Aid
Hans BrandNetherlands
Lisbeth JespersenDenmark
Laban KiplagatISFAA
Kim SchoppinkRainforest Alliance
Martin MuriukiInstitute for Culture and Ecology 
Faith GikundaInstitute for Culture and Ecology 


  1. Support the implementation of country pathways for evidence-based food system transformation through agroecology.
  2. Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among countries on agroecological policies.
  3. Mainstream agroecology in international organizations and other international discussions.
  4. Present best practices in agroecology.
  5. Contribute to co-learning between science/policy, civil society and private sector.

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